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Question HTC Sprint Diamond Help please

I upgraded to a Diamond last Friday after my Treo just got to bad to even make a phone call.

I did know of the battery problem whit the Sprint Diamond but I did not think it be this bad, but thanks to Juicy47 post I did the changes to thePollInterval and I think it kind of helped, not tried it with BT on, then I would get 1½- 2 hours on idle stand by with a 5 min call till dead. Anything else I could do other then a rom update?

Next is the heating up issue, I understand why but how is it some users have no problem while others do, and is there a way to fix it?

I am using Stock rom: 2.00.651.7 and radio 1.11.00f

I do not want to do to much since I got 30days and this is really the first phone I had to do anything to, so I am new at it. I love the phone and it is what I want, but the battery and the getting hot is a problem, hot mainly cause sprint techs would tell me it was bad for my palm to get that hot, it never got that hot, and I got new batteries till they gave me a new phone but that ended up failing cause of the signal I got at home. I think that may also be one of the problems here on the Diamond. Also should I have to take the phone back I need to undo everything I did plus lock it or does anyone know if they check that, also if I just flash it with the stock rom would that relock it? I guess my main thing is I want to keep it I just want it to be like some of the users Diamonds are, good on battery life, I could life with being abel to go to work from 7:30 am till 5:30pm and make it home with out having to charge it 2 times and only getting to use it 10min. and it not getting to hot that it makes it so you cant even use the touch flow with your finger…. Or is mien bad???

Thanks so much guy’s for any help.
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