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anyone with HTC touch cruise please help !

hello Hope you can save me!

The screen of my HTC touch cruise is broken, and I would really like to download my phone numbers and agenda. But it's locked and I can't log in.

Could you please send me a picture of you screen so that I can see where the buttons are that I need to press.

I am stuck in the password log in screen (not the pin-number log in ! ).
It is the one that you get when you enter a wrong our password a few times and that asks you to enter the key combination: a1b2c3 to go back to the password log on sreen
(removed the battery a few times but it keeps going back to the a1b2c3 screen.

Please Please upload a picture on this forum of the screen so I can see where to push.

I can see a very small part on the left bottom side of my screen, it has a red bar on the underside (can also be green orso depending on your settings) above that is in a grey field the SHIFT button and above that I see the letter P.

Hope to see the pic people, I m in a world of misery here!

Thanks so much in advance.
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