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Re: How to make incoming call vibration Intermittent not continous?

VAlert: This small program allows customizing vibration incoming call alerts.

How to use
1. Install the CAB
2. Soft reset the device or manually run \Program files\VAlert\VAlert.exe
3. The program is hidden by default. To display program window (if needed), run the program again
7. In Phone->Options make sure ring type is Vibrate and Ring
4. Edit script.txt to change vibration pattern. Every line in the file is a pair of vibration length and note pause
5. From the program window run Menu->Test to test the created pattern
6. Perform Menu->Hide to hide program window

What's new:
- More devices support, including non-HTC
- The installer executes the program upon installation (no soft reset required)
- No vibration on waiting call
- Support for incoming call ring mute (stop vibration)
- Silent start
- Even lower memory footprint - ~4K on standby (was 11K before)

Worked on my HTC Mogul and now using it on my HTC Touch Pro,

Hope it helped.
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