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Re: SSK Kitchen/WM6.5

Thank you, you actually mentioned a couple key points. First i'm already downloading the sprint shipped rom. I plan on flashing to that first before i flash to a cooked rom. Thanks for the tip Big Pointer on that. Second i didnt no about that Updated Icon Pack...another bigg pointer, those sounded good i kept adding those..

And 3rd could you be a little more specific about the TF3D option? I do plan on just using Titanium, actually i plan on using the theme thats on XDA to make it "feel" more like wm 7, was thinking about maybe cooking it into my rom...butt you mentioned something about don't leave any options blank...if i didnt want TF3D, how would i not add those in their, but not leave them blank in the kitchen???

ALSO, just another off-topic using groverom 6.5 but what the heck is up with that zooming square that keeps randomly comming up?? Man is that a wm 6.5 feature or something, that thing is horrible. So annoying...anywhere in the settings to disable?
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