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SSK Kitchen/WM6.5

Hey guys,
havent posted or been here in a while.
A couple months ago i cooked a wm6.1 rom and was sick of TF3D so i was using SPB MS3.0. Got sick of it, and saw that TF3D2 still isnt really out/perfected. So i decided to go to the wm6.5 route. Last time i tried it, it was cool, but was still buggy.

Not sure if it's just me, but it still seems buggy. I cooked my own using the latest SSK Kitchen, and have had nothing but problems. And this is most likely an error on my part, not on the kitchen. I loaded it the first time, and the screen just hung up at the loading screen. Cooked another, and it got father loaded nicely seemed all good and great, it had to reset for some reason and the main problem i'm getting is after it resets it seems like it forgot that it already was loaded once before?

Any one experiencing that. After i calibrate the screen all that good stuff, i reset the phone, and it wants to re-calibrate the screen and everything. Not really sure why....any ideas on that. Other than that wm 6.5 seemed to have come a long way and the SSK kitchen seems very easy, but that is obviously a BIG problem i cant seem to resolve.

Any ideas/suggestions would be great. Thanks guys

JUST AN UPDATE GUYS I INSTALLED GROVEROMS WM6.5 AND IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. But would rather cook my own....any ideas any other reccommendations on kitchens?? Calkulins just an update but for some reason i tried to use yours, but in 7z it said many of your files were corrupted.

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