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Touch Pro 2 in HAND (woohoo... uh-oh...)

Some comments and some questions about this phone.

The TP2 is sex... pure sex... the thing is speedy and although it's a pain in my bum to go back to 6.1 TouchFlo 2 is fantastic... very nice integration.

Now for the "uh-oh" part and I'm sure all you gadget geeks will know how to help.

Telus has decided to disable the wifi functionality on the phone. Is there anyway to check to see if the hardware is actually in there to be activated? (EDITED - it's there... just can't have the PC hooked up while trying to turn it on!)

Second, and this refers to our best pals over at Best Buy. They were the first to pick up the units here in Canada and well... I got a problem. My wife likes shiny things... in a hand-off after my second bottle of Grolsch (ohh great Dutch Beer Gods... you have forsaken my fine motor skills) yes... the batton was dropped... the nice shiny Touch Pro 2 took a tumble to the ground. No screen damage but a nice little nick around the bezzle. While operable boy would I like to take this thing back and exchange it for a brand spankin' new one. I was thinking about rendering this puppy a dumb phone and try to return it for switch-a-roo. Anyone ever try to return a mobile phone back to best buy slightly damaged but inoperable? Yes, I know I am a stinky bum with bad motor skills and I suck

Thanks in advance for any advise on both the issues at hand.

BTW - if anyone has any questions about this phone I'd be more than happy to help in soothing your deepest desires.
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