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Re: data connection problem

Originally Posted by gravity24 View Post
I'm also having the same problem as the original poster. I'm a sprint user and just flashed to Mighty 6 and now my data won't connect. As another poster said I don't have to input a user name or password, but there is also a "domain" field. do I have to input anything in that field?

Any help would be great

This is how I just got my data to work. I guess when I flashed to the new rom I messed up my PRL. To fix it I first had to get the MSL which I found how to do in this link:
Locate MSL using registry editor

* Change the following registry entries in:
Enable: 1
LogMode: 1
* Wait a reasonable amount of time and soft-reset (I have noticed that it seems to take longer for this value to take affect, so if you reboot and the registry values are not changed, then you need to do it again and wait longer)
* Check to see that the file \Temp\ATDbg0.txt has been created. (or check \ATlog \ATDbg0.txt )
* Return the values back to what they were (most likely 0) waiting the same amount of time as above. You need to change it back to zeros because this will unlock the ATDbg0.txt file
* Look in the ATDbg0.txt file and you should see a log of commands sent to the CDMA radio and there should be something like this somewhere in the file:
113 Tx:AT+HTC_RMSL=0\r
113 Rx:+HTC_RMSL: 354201\r\n0\r
113 Tx:AT+HTC_ROTKSL=0\r
113 Rx:+HTC_ROTKSL: 216112\r\n0\r
* The numbers next to the Rx: +HTC_RMSL line should be your MSL... I do not know what the ROTKSL is for, but included it in the snippet incase someone knows.

Once you get the MSL number, dial ##775# on your sprint phone (mine is a HTC touch pro). It will then bring you to an unlock screen. Plug in the MSL number (found in ATDbg0.txt). This restored my data on my phone. If the screen with user name, password, and domain pops up just leave the fields blank.

Hope this helps

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