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Any further feedback on this?

Originally Posted by borealcool View Post
That has got to be one of the more frustrating "features" of this phone, it has a mind of its own when it comes to choosing data connections. If you live in Canada where price gouging data is the norm, you end up like this poor soul with a 350$ data invoice. There is a radical solution though.

I see this subject died a while ago... so bump it is.

Any further feedback on this?

I have 2 real situations i am researching:

1) I need to tell it to handoff data from Ev-DO to Wi-fi and vice versa based upon Wi-Fi Signal strength (think how UMA handoff works)

2) Want EvDO to automatically start when needed, but just not when a Wi-Fi signal is present

It seems we have many options to completely disable it using scripts and regkeys (many GPRS & EvDO options). I guess i am looking for a little more than just to toggle it on and off.

I have a guy i work with developing on these ideas, but we can really use any insight or feedback from anyone on this. You dont need to be an expert, just PM me about anything you might know, have heard or seen.

(if you know about UMA/VoIP i started a thread UMA/WiFi/VOIP and the 6700 to discuss)

Thanks in advance,
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