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Re: Why does everyone hate the iphone?

Im sorry but im looking for something a bit more descriptive than "IT sucks". I totally agree with the ATT thing. Supposedly there will be one for verizon sometime in january, but im not sure how true that is. I have heard of a way to convince verizon to give you a special sim card that will allow it to work on their towers with their service. Im not sure if this will work with sprint or not. There are many apps that have been made by 3rd parties. Some of them are in the app store, and some are not. If you jailbreak the phone, there is a certain amount of customization that you can do. How much im not certain, hopefully someone that does know will look at this thread and tell us. Jailbreaking can also add some features, like teathering, and mms, even to the 3g. There are ways to get them without jailbreaking, but they are somewhat complicated. Supposedly they will be available in 3.1 but that would also take att allowing it. Hope I helped.