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Re: thinking about trying to get a replacement touch pro from sprint...

i just put on the sprint shipped rom, and TF3D is not loading.. Hard reset did nothing. No activesync connection/data connection it just charges. i have had problems with TF3D not loading before, and i had a thread for it. --> Touch Flo takes 3-4 hours to load.
I think im going to have to take this phone into tomorrow.. and tell them that i cant use this, and i need a new phone basically.
i dont have insurance, but it definitely looks like this is a hardware issue

also like i said earlier, i bought this phone from a guy who originally bought it from sprint.. it worked fine when i bought it from him, and basically all up until on random day. so do i tell the guy at sprint that? or do i tell him that i just bought it from sprint?
thanks, and any other ideas, ill be sure to do tomorrow (well i guess today lol )

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