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Re: thinking about trying to get a replacement touch pro from sprint...

Originally Posted by jbearamus View Post
yup, it does suck, plus i can now add the soft reset button doesn't work and the home button thinks its the talk button so now i have 2 talk buttons, assuming the hardware buttons are in the mood to actually work
and the first pic in that link is exactly what's happened to mine, on the lower front, mines a chip not a crack so theres just an obnoxious little black spot on the front of the device

i was trying to hold out for the launch of the TP2 and cross my fingers and hope asurion replaces (yes i know its extremely unlikely) my phone with that but i don't think this will last that long
haha, but wouldnt that be nice?? And i mean, "soo your sayin theres a chance!" lol idk ive had good luck with sprint, and uh.. i dont think that i will ever change.
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