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Sprint store fixed my keyboard!

Woo! I am on my second TP as the first one had the dreaded kb problems and it eventually died. Took it to the store which is a 2 minute walk from work, and they got me a brand new unit, which was awesome. Now, only two months later, the kb on that TP was intermittent, and finally died. I dreaded taking it to the store and having them replace it with some crumby refurb from who knows where.

So in I go anyway, after hard reseting and relocking. The rep says it'll be an hour wait and I can just leave my phone there and pick it up when it's ready. I figured they'd tinker and just establish that, yep, it's broken alright! But, they through me for a loop, 'cuz the tech was competent enough to replace my kb, just like he should be qualified to do. I'm only a bit condescending because I've been exposed to some unqualified techs. In any case, the new kb is great. It feels way better than the original one and doesn't have any noticeable lag, which the original one had even with the .cabs and new roms installed. So I'm happy, and just thought I'd say that it's possible to go to the Sprint store and have some good things happen!

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