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a call out to video game programmers!!!

So I m confused on why the games on any PPC or equivalent device are lame. I have been looking at the specs for my phone and the specs of all systems up to the PS2, i see a system with limitless potential and no one doing anything about it. So I guess this is a call out to programmers who have he the potential to do something about this I would like to get some of us together and create something actually fun for the handheld devices. there are lots of people creating mods for your phone but in the end whats the point of having a system that runs smooth and looks pretty when all you can do is make phone calls, play solitaire, and put stuff down in your calender!! i wanna see good ports, original 3D gaming, and in the end mmo games from our handhelds . I remember playing quake on a computer that could barely handle it glitching from shot to shot. Where are the programs that test the limitations of my new pocket computer? If you would like to help me solve this problem please PM me i have a small crew right now. Any thing helps.

Link to specs for game consoles
link to HTC TP specs
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