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Re: Iphone on Verizon.... TODAY!?!?!?

Originally Posted by LittleBreezes View Post
Interesting fact came out of a conversation with a Verizon rep the other day. If you have an unlocked GSM device you can ask VZ to take its ESN and issue you a Verizon GSM SIM card that is locked to the ESN of that device. In fact, the BB Bold and the new Tour on VZ come from the factory that way. They are really GSM phones that VZ installed VZ SIM cards that are locked to each ESN. Both the devices and SIM cards are locked so what you cannot do is take a TMobile or AT&T SIM and put it into a VZ BB Tour. Conversely, you cannot take a VZ SIM card and put it inot any unlocked GSM device, it has to be locked to the the ESN of that device. Evidentally, VZ still operates enough GSM towers (and leases time on others) that this works for them. This is an interesting alternative for folks that need to usea GSM device (like an unlocked IPhone from New Zealand) on Verizon's network. If you are a pre existing VZ customer call them up and tell them that your employer is now going to make you use their GSM device but you want to keep VZ's network. THey will ask you for the ESN of the GSM device and if they can get a SIM card locked to it they will put it on their network. Pretty interesting, I was not aware of this until the other day.
wow, thats some great information, im sure alot of people don't know that. Hell, I just read that and was automatically shocked.

Soo, if i purchase iPhone 3g, and call VZW , ***** to them for 4 hours about why i need my GSM phone on their network, they rush me a locked ESN SIM, and I'm good to go?
hmm...interesting. I would be a guinea pig of this if i had an iphone 3g.

Originally Posted by celsius0010 View Post
People use "CDMA wifi" on Iphones and Ipod touches quite often.. You can make your own 3G when AT&T leaves you hangin.. And I have tethered 2.5Mb/s on Sprint Rev A before
Explain please, I'll do a search on this, but i has an ipod touch that i would love to have coverage everywhere.

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