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Re: User Customization Backup for Touch Pro using sashimi

Thanks for the detailed info, the youtube video really helped a frist time user of sashimi.

I just tried this for the first time last night and I had very mixed results. I used the auto folder for my cabs, reg backup entries and root folder entries. After a hard reset of the latest nrg rom I ran in auto mode and everything seemed to install (aebuttonplus, bing and voicecommand) all required me to OK a few messages, but everything else installed easily.

The first time sashimi finished, when asked to reset I clicked on yes, phone reset but did a hard reset......

So, I repeated the above steps and selected no and got a normal reset. My apps were all there from the cabs I selected, but my start menu did not copy over correctly and some of my reg keys did not export correctly (resco explorer, etc.).

It's probably something I am doing wrong, but this did make things much easier. My exchange settings all copied over perfectly as did my titanium plugins. Just not having to reinstall dozens of cabs after a reset makes this a great tool.

Thanks again for the post!
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