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Re: Question regarding Inbox subfolders

Originally Posted by Vlip3 View Post
I believe I'm using imap, not too sure though. I set up new account in the e-mail tab (in TF3D) and check e-mail on my phone over cellular data connection. I do however also sync to my work computer that has outlook but do not sync my work e-mail; only contacts, appointments, notes & favorites. My company will not allow me to access their exchange servers to configure my phone to receive my company e-mail and I figured there was no point in syncing with a cable.
I tried what you suggested with tools->manage folders. I'll see what you mean about ugly and post back.
Thanks for your help. I hit the Help button for you.

Man I don't know what you mean by ugly! I think it's great! If I go to Inbox, I see all my e-mail, if I select a folder from the drop-down on the top left, I see only those e-mails that were filtered by gmail. So for example, I've created a filter in gmail with a label for e-mail from ppcgeeks. On my TP, I select the ppcgeeks folder from the drop-down and I see only those e-mails. I am very happy with this arrangement.

Thanks again!
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