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Re: User Customization Backup for Touch Pro using sashimi

Well... n00b here.
I usually wait around and check back on threads and eventually my questions get answered. That way, I don't show my n00biness to the world. Can't wait this time. There was a update to Mighty Mike 6 (7/16) that really fixed a lot of things. I spent the next 8 hours tweaking and cabbing. Then I go back to the MM6 rhread and there's MM6 (7/18) update!!!! I want to reflash but I don't want to manually re-enter. So... the question:
When backing up registries (I use PHM), do you hi-lite the registry name and that backs-up the contents or do you hi-lite the contents?

Sorry,,, but Thanks!!

By the way, I'm having a blast with my WM phone (HTC Touch Pro). All this customizing, flashing, tweaking is habit forming. My wife has threatened to flush my phone!
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