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Question U.S. cellular a few questions please

I've been doing some searching on these forums and was wondering how ppl refer to us cellular as you can't search the term US Cellular because US isn't 3 characters, this has made doing this search difficult.

Anyway, I'm wanting to unlock my phone and try some different roms, as I want to find something more fitting to me. I am just hoping that someone can answer a few questions. I have a friend that has a verizon touch pro and has flashed it a multitude of times to find one that he is happy with. and I see verizon listed all over this website, so it's safe to assume that the verizon roms are pretty easy to switch over.

Will I have any problems, ie need passwords, domains, etc... to stay connected to my uscellular account after a flash?

Are most/all cdma roms safe for the uscellular touch pro as it is a cdma carrier?

Any suggestions for roms for the USCellular touch pro?

P.S. I'm new to these forums and so I apologize if I haven't posted these questions in the right section. I have tried to research this before just asking and have struggled to find the answers, so this is why I am asking, not because I am lazy and don't know how to use the search function...LoL

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