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Talking User Customization Backup for Touch Pro using sashimi


User Customization Backup for Touch Pro using Sashimi
By: LuckySe7en & Murducky

LuckySe7en uses the Raphael (GSM Touch Pro)
Murducky uses the Herman (CDMA Touch Pro)

We have put together this guide for others who have a hard time locating where items need to be backup (like we did). We both use EngeryROM and for the most part some item locations below may be specific to EngeryROM.

Guide Structure

·Information Section – General Info about required apps.
·Windows 6.5 Section – 6.5 related settings
·Titanium Section – Titanium related settings
·TouchFlo3d – TouchFlo3d related settings
·Application Section – Find Application setting
·Work in Progress – To be found settings

Information Section

Download info:
Info Videos:
Sashimi Note:
You don't have to re-install Sashimi after a flash, just run SASHIMI.exe from the \bin directory and SASHIMI will detect and perform a clean install and reconfigure itself.

Place all of your Cabs you want to install in Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Cab\

User Customization to Launch Sashimi (Big thanks to DV8Ways)
Okay… I’ve been looking for away to have SASHIMI auto initiate after a hard reset so that there would require no interaction from the user once the Onscreen Calibration process was complete.

I searched both here and over at WinMo Experts and could not find any answers so after about 50 hard resets and twice as may dirty looks from you know who I finally got it to work for me using User Customization (UC). Please keep in mind your ROM must support UC.

Here’s how:

* Navigate to \Storage Card\SASHIMI\Program\2577. Here you will see a file called AutoRun.mscr.
* Create a shortcut to this file within the same directory and name it SASHIMI.lnk.
* Create an SDConfig.txt file with the below commands and save it to the root of the Storage Card. (Included SDConfig.txt attached)

That’s it!!!

Now, every time you hard rest your device will flash the new ROM. Once complete, UC initiates and checks the SDConfig file for instructions. Based on our SDConfig file, UC will copy the SASHIMI.lnk we created over to \Temp where it can then be executed by UC. This will launch SASHIMI that the user can either interact with or if no interaction within 20 seconds SASHIMI will initiate the “Auto” installer, installing all configurations setup within the \SASHIMI\Auto directory. Once all is complete, SASHIMI will then prompt the user to reset the device yes or no. If no interaction within 10 seconds, SASHIMI will automatically reset the device.

Basically, once you initiate a hard reset and complete the onscreen calibration you never have to touch the device again throughout the install and configuration process.


Edit: One thing prevents this from being an completely unattended install... The fact that if the device goes to sleep during SASHIMI Auto install it seems to pause the installation process until you wake the device. This means you have to make sure to keep the device awake during the install process. I'm looking into away to keep the device awake during this process. I'll update if I find a solution.

Edit 2: Only workaround I can find is to plug into external power during the install process. I believe by default Windows will not sleep for 30 minutes which is plenty of time. This will allow a complete userless flash and restore once the onscreen calibration is completed

Windows 6.5 Settings

Owner Info
Download SDConfig.Builder.v0.7.85.PE from

Run SDConfig Builder.exe, go to the 5 tab (Owner Info), type in your Owner Info. Save to xml file. Then go to 4 tab (Cab & Copy).

Browse for the xml you just made for Source XML, set an output directory. then click make cab. Now you have a owner cab you can push with Sashimi put owner cab in Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Cabs\

Device Name
Backup reg key HKLM\Ident export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Alarm Settings
backup reg key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Clock export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG (thanks to studentjunk)

Splash Screen (EnergyROM Specific)
  • back up file \Windows\welcomehead.192.png copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows
  • Open welcomehead.192.png overwrite with your own image save as a png. Now you have a custom Splash screen that will be pushed.
Startup Sound (EnergyROM Specific)
  • back up file \Windows\PowerOn.wav copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows
  • Overwrite PowerOn.wav with your custom Sound save back to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows
  • back up file\Windows\PowerOff.wav copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows
  • Overwrite PowerOff.wav with your custom Sound save back to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows
  • Now you have a custom Startup Sound that will be pushed.
Voicemail Number (when you added your password to it)
  • Set your password
  • Back up reg Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Vmail\ UserProvidedNumber1 export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Email Accounts & WIFI Settings
You will create an XML file and save it to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\XML using Sashimi/Makisu Built program. Watch the How To Here:

Ring Tones
Using the Auto\Root folder Sashimi create the same folder structure to copy over your ring tones.
  • Ring tones go in \My Documents\My Ringtones
  • Text msg/Notification tones go in \Windows
  • Sliding Sounds go in \Windows as .wav
Ex. Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\My Documents\My Ringtones

so here is the run down about ringtones...before you back up these registries make sure you set them how you like first.

Ring Tone Settings
First set the Ring Tone then back up HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds\Ringtone0 is where your ringtone registry is, for some reason there is two entries that reference my ringtone file, RingTone0 and RingTone2. I exported both in Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

In HKCU\ControlPanel\Notifications\ there are a bunch of registries for all your alerts, they are all labeled in gibberish like this "{0CD9B91C-BEA7-446d-9857-BD2F1E6BFE80}" You have to use regedit and look at the first value, the first value should contain data that tells you what tone that registry entry is for. If the first value is blank don't back it up, there are more entries than there are alerts so you dont need to back up the blank ones. There is exactly 22 entries you need to export and back up to Sashimi. It was a PITA (Pain in the ***) to go through them and export them one by one, but you get done eventually.
All Registry exports should go into Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Sliding Sound
First set the Sliding sound you want then back up the reg key \HKLM\Software\HTC\SlidingSound export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

All incoming beams off (Start>Settings>Connections>Beams) (thanks rstoyguy)
obexservicemask = 3 ; checked
obexservicemask = 2 ; unchecked

Bluetooth Devices (thanks to Zone23)
I found that if you backup registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\Devices on restore it will restore all bluetooth devices. The only catch is I have not figured out how to get bluetooth headsets to work. All computer connections will work, so it’s a start. So at least so far I only have to repair my car and headset. All 3 computers work fine.

Current power plan (thanks to Zone23)
back up reg key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\Timeou ts export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG
Turn on your Bluetooth (thanks to Zone23)
Back up reg key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\Settings"ScanMod e"=dword:00000005

Contact Ringtones
Use a program called KeepMyTones download here:

How to: (thanks to LordFuzzy024)
There are three simple steps to save your contact ringtones.
1. Install the program
2. Set all your ringtones if you haven’t already.
3. Click File/Save Contact Ringtones. You’re done.

There are also three simple steps for restoring your contact ringtones.
1. Install the program if it’s not already.
2. Make sure all your ringtones are located in the previous locations. (Usually My Documents\My Ringtones, or where ever you store them, it must be the same as before.) and your RingtoneBackup.xml file is located in your install directory.
3. Click File/Restore Contact Ringtones. You’re Done.

The backup file is located in your install directory and it will notify you of that location upon saving.

Restore Contacts:

Outlook w/Active Sync
Murducky uses outlook to sync contacts with their pictures.

PIM Backup:
LuckySe7en uses PIM Backup
just back that up. pim.vol also contains all of your contacts! No need to use pim backup app unless you want to save all ur txt messages, recent calls list, etc.

Titanium Section:
We both prefer Titanium.

Setup Titanium the way you like it first before backing up the items below.

Titanium layout
  • First you have to back up HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome reg entry so it will keep your titanium layout.
  • You also need to back up the two .cpr files located in \Windows: Titanium_480x640.cpr and Titanium_640x480.cpr and copy them to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows
Set Titanium as Default | TouchFlow as Disabled
  • Check Windows Default and uncheck Touchflow in Today
  • Back up Reg Key \HKLM\Software\Today\Windows Default export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG
  • Back up Reg Key\HKLM\Software\Today\Touch Flo export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG
ATCONTACTS (fave people)
backup reg keys HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\ATFavePeople are all the registry entries that you need to save those settings, I didn't know what to back up so I backed up all of them, they all look important anyways.

Also will want to back up \Application Data\ATContacts and copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Application Data\ATContacts which saves image files.

  • Restore your contacts before launch the "fave people".
  • ON First Run after restore - you will have an overlay on your first contact on fave people - make sure you have restored your contacts then just go to the favorite person settings and click okay.. it will fix the overlay

Titanium Weather
Backup key \HKLM\Software\TitaniumWeather export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Manila Section

Manila/TouchFlo3d Fav Contacts Tab**
If you are using TouchFlo3d and want to save your favorite contacts that information is stored in the pim.vol file located in your root directory, just back that up. pim.vol also contains all of your contacts! No need to use pim backup app unless you want to save all ur txt messages, recent calls list, etc.

My Contact Card (thanks to dylan927us)
backup reg key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\People\OwnerInfo export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Stock market Tab (thanks to lilflip2)
Backup: "\\Application Data\HTC\ygo" I copied whole folder but (2 files ygoservice.db and ygoservice_sr.db) copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\ Application Data\HTC\

Save order of Tabs (thanks to Zone23
backup reg key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Manila\Configurati on export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Manila Weather (Thanks to Askwhy)
To backup your weather settings you need to save a regfile to SASHIMI\Auto\REG with some of the data from --


In particular, you need to backup 'Weather.CityList' but I would also include:


After running SASHIMI you will have any pre-cooked-in locations removed and overwritten with your own -- and you will only need to hit 'Update'. For instance my file looks like this:


"Weather.ServerURLOverride"=" 1&device=innovation"
"Weather_Focus"="United States"

Not sure if all the chefs have ROMs with the same weather server URL cooked-in, the one above is simply the one that was already in my registry when I went to back it up. I had no idea previously that a special weather patch server tied to the community was even being used to make things happen.

If you have added a custom city using a database editor of some sort, you will also want to backup the manila file (database file) that you edited, and that file is called 2330fc3c_manila -- place that file in \SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Windows\ to have it restored automatically.

Program Tab (thanks to Scoob)
Back up reg key HKLM\Software\HTC\Manila\ProgramLauncher export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Application Section

Place all of your Cabs you want to install in Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Cabs\

Facebook IM (fim)
backup reg key HKCU\Software\\fim export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

Twitter (PockeTwit)
Backup file \Program Files\PockeTwit\app.CONFIG copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Program Files\PockeTwit\
(You will have to create the path in your Auto\Root Folder)

Arcsoft MMS Settings
backup reg key \HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1 export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

HTC Task Manager
backup reg key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\TaskManager export to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\REG

SmartPhone Tracker
Setup all your settings, back up file, Program Files\SmartPhoneTracker/settings.config copy to Storage Card\SASHIMI\Auto\Root\Program Files\SmartPhoneTracker

Lumos (thanks to rawdikrik)
Run the Lumos configuration program (just like you always would) then copy the "settings.txt" to "sashimi\auto\root\program files\lumus" you will need to create all these folders or figure out some way to copy them. Anything in the root folder copies to whatever folder on your device. Sashimi will create the folders if they don't exist, but typically it installs all the apps first. After an auto install I don't have to do anything with lumos (nice). You can do the same thing with ringers just make a mirror of what directory in "root" and Sashimi will copy them for you when you run it.

SPB Wireless (thanks to fwt)
Settings: (registry)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Spb Software House\Spb Wireless Monitor (and all Keys included)
Registration: (registry)
Data: (files)
"\Application Data\SPB Wireless Monitor"

Work in Progress Section
(if you know how to backup the below please let us know)

  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\Wall is the key you want to back up for wallpaper and theme
  • This is the reg location but on restore it has it set in the today screen but does not actually change the wallpaper till you go to Today and click okay.
  • Facebook registration is at "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Facebook
  • But on restore does not have your login info saved.
  • Reg Key HKCU\Software\Trinket\PowerSMS
  • But still cannot find the registration key location

TBF (To Be Found)
Attached Files
File Type: rar SDConfig.Builder.v0.7.85.PE.rar (254.6 KB, 274 views) Click for barcode!

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