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Question Touch Pro won't Bluetooth Files :(

I looked all over the site and interenet for someone who already asked this, but surprisingly I didn't find anything. All I am trying to do is bluetooth a file from my touch pro over to another phone. I have tried a Rumor and a Blackberry (multiple BBs), as well as an M800 Instinct so far, and it fails on every device. I have bluetooth enabled, including bluetooth file sharing. I find the file, select beam file, select the target phone, hit send, and it says "Sending 1/1" and then "Failed". On the BB nothing happened, on the Rumor and the Instinct it said "Accept file?" I selected yes, and it still failed. I have tried pairing the phones together first and everything. I am absolutely baffled.

I have sought help on the XDA forums and gotten nothing yet. Someone suggested I download the Persian Bluetooth Manager, but that didn't help either. I work at a Sprint Store as a S&R Tech, but I can't figure it out. I have had 2-3 TPs because I have had to get replacements, and none of them have worked, and my General Manager has a TP too, but it doesn't work either.

Is there something in the Registry I have to change to allow it to go through, or a setting I missed? Certainly you should be able to do it since the option is there. Or is it like the FM radio, where it is in there but for some reason Sprint disabled it?

I hope someone can shed some light onto this It is drivin me crazy!
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