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Re: Official ROMs for All HTC Vogue Carriers

well i was having noob issues with understanding the lingo but decided to bite the bullet and attempted to test my mad skills on my old 6800 that i did an insurance claim that had issues. well i used the unlocker 2.31 and got a little scared with the unplugging the usb cord and thought i bricked it but just took the battery out and tried again and got it. all went well and i flashed a fresh rom on it. I went ahead and tried it out on my Verizon 6900. I did this a day ago and is running pretty smooth. a little bit to get used to with the mainly being touch instead of using the stylus like in 6.1 but so far love it. It just seemed a bit to take in and understand but thanks to all these threads and the great peeps at PPCGeeks you all are helping me get the best out of my phone. Now is just all the rest of the customizing to the ROM and finding the best of the best for all the extras. lol.. LTZ i appreciate the offer to help.
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