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Re: NFSFAN ROM Question - not sure if this is allowed

Originally Posted by jmorton10 View Post
I did come across a deal breaking bug (for me) in this ROM last night.

I use Vito SMS-Chat with TouchPal for texting. I was having a super annoying problem where I would be texting (I can type insanely fast with TP and T+) & the whole system would seem to freeze up for a few seconds. The text would stop, the KB would become totally unresponsive, & then say three seconds later it would free up & go on as if nothing had happened. This problem was SO ANNOYING, I came close to going back to one of my old Titan's at one point (they never did this AT ALL).

Someone else a while back posted the same problem & after about 20 responses from people having the exact same problem, someone said "I had the same problem, but it completely disappeared when I switched to merdin's latest ROM"

I was VERY skeptical that that would fix it, but figured it couldn't hurt to try. Much to my amazement, the problem completely disappeared when I went to merdin's 6.5 & never came back.

Now, last night I was putting the NFSFAN system through it's paces doing some texting & had the EXACT SAME freezing problem that I had before I switched ROM's to cure it. I text WAY too much to put up with that, so I guess this ROM's not for me.


interesting. does his new rom have the TF3D2 preloader? wil it run Pandora and NFS Undercover?
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