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Talking Re: NFSFAN ROM Question - not sure if this is allowed

Originally Posted by rwcj63 View Post
dude. i have tried all the roms by all the cooks (and yes, including Mighty Rom and many of the other "big names" here), and frankly, your opinion tells me you probably haven't tried that many roms. i have had less problems with his rom with any on this site. i have been very very loyal to the cooks on this site but frankly, when i couldn't find any 6.5 rom that would run pandora with zero problems or NFS Undercover, i went searching elsewhere. and what i found was NFSFAN's 105 rom. i loaded the programs i mentioned and with none of the so called tweaks that "must" be installed to get them to run, they ran. i was in shock.

so. instead of posting in a thread that you obviously aren't interested in and only want to start trouble, you should take your opinions elsewhere.

well said!
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