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Re: HTC Ozone

Originally Posted by tarheelB&B View Post

FedEx delivered my HTC Ozone around 11:30 this morning. First off this thing feels very comfortable in my hand despite it being about 2.5 centimeters wider than my ppc6700. It reminds me a lot of the Motorola Q with a lot less suck. Coming from a touchscreen PPC6700 running WinMo 6.1 Proffessional, the navigation is not as intuitive with the Ozone; but those with non touchscreen experience will be very familiar with the interface. The 5 way navigation is very easy on the fingers with 4 direction "bumps" letting you know you have reached the up/down left/right positions. Turning the phone on there is recognition of the Sim cards instalations and it sets the phone into global mode. Prompting for activation of the device on the network. The keys feel like a soft version of the Palm Pro's. They are a lot smller than my thumbs would care for but I had gotten used to it already. Aside from standard globe trotting assecories, multi country power adapters that is, it comes with this really neat audio device called a multifuntion audi cable. As the Ozone does not have standard headphone or hands free jacks the adapter connects to the bottom mini usb port creating four additional connetions to the phone a usb audio, a handsfree, a standard headphone, and a charging port. The phone does support up to 16 GB micro SD cards. to get to the access port you must remove the battery cove and it is conviniently located on the bottom right corner. The 2 MP camera takes pretty decent pictures in the daylight, with both brightness and white balance controls and a 2x zoom. No flash means no party pics at the Fourth o' July hotel party. The speaker phone quality is superb in my opinon, with no significant squlching or cutouts. The wifi tested out great with both b and g signals. The Rev A EVDO connections was pretty amazing as well. had my signal burst at 2.3 mbps. Other than that, expect your usuall WinMo apps. One cool app worth mentioning is the Streaming Media app with full rtsp:\\ support. Streaming live tv from Orb was very smooth with absolutley no buffering once play was started.As for the GPS goes, The ozone is the first verizon Phone with open gps. This is real gps not A-gps. I tested it with Googles mobile map application. Amazingly, it connected to 6 satelites in about 1 minute from insidey apartment. I will test it out with TomTom Navigator later.

To get DUN working with the blazing fast REV A you must do the standard ##PST edit to your login information. You will notice a new login for ppp change that as well to now ICS control does NOT work nor does WMWIFIROUTER. but usb tethering is wicked fast. I am posting from my phone DUN now and i will post pics in a sec this is the link to my photos
feel free to give thanks
For some reason my phone is not picking up RA its just EVDO. My DUN had so we should change that?