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Re: Shake And Save

Originally Posted by darren.wlsn1 View Post
chech my spiderman thread, search my name\threads by me.
haha, that was pretty funny lol.

Originally Posted by Biker1 View Post
To codybear:
Thanks for explaining why I was able to do it in file explorer.
How do people post screen shots that I see here? Is it done the way you explained as that way seems to be difficult to do.
And how would one use an application like Shake&Save? Would it be to just send pics to others or to let others view your screen?
No problem.

Well when you go to reply (not using the quick reply at the bottom of the page) you can scroll down and click manage attachments,
upload the image to the post that way.
but it will show as an attachment, in order to make that picture show up in the thread, you have to get the url of the attachment, and then place it in between these two codes:
 [img] InsertUrlHere [/img]
Otherwise if you use a imagehosting website to upload the pictures to, like imageshack, photobucket, but I personally use IMGboot.
It will give you a list of links that you can use to copy and paste into the forum. Just make sure to get the one with the title "Forum:"

It's not necessarily to send photos to your friends, unless they want a screenshot of your phone.
If you want to take pics, you could use the actual camera program in the phone already.

Did I answer all of your questions? I'm kinda tired so I might have missed something.
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