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Re: Kaspersky Mobile Secuirty

Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
That sound pretty cool, but will it find it when I lose it under the couch
That's what the house phone is for! Unless your battery is dead, then your SOL.

Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
If it was a free program, or if I didn't have insurance I might think about it, but I back up important info and flash frequently so I don't have much personal info on the phone, and I pay insurance for if I lose it
I completley agree. I don't think I would pay $30 for it, however the clean feature could be useful. I have alot of physical addresses and e-mail addresses stored. I use my phone to connect to the office via Citrix and not sure what information is stored in cache.

I wonder if it erases the memory card???

Also, is there a program out there that ONLY includes these functions for free??? If not, anyone want to create one??

I will take a stab at some point but I am just barely into programming right now. I lean more towards networking and security. (Hence, this topic).
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