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Re: Remove appointments on Home Tab of TP2 touchflo

Originally Posted by No1ustad View Post
I'm outta thanks "for some reason" but I'll get ya one tomorrow.

There's also this thread with Tsowen answering the call as well...
[NSFW] Post Your Touch Pro Today Screens

EDIT: Sadly, the above work to remove the calendar and call history tabs when you don't have anything for them. but I don't want to have my appointments show, even when i have appointments, and none of these seem to fix that.
I feel you man. Im looking for pretty much the same thing... Id like the calendar to still show things that are gonna happen, just not have my home screen filled with said items.

My dream scenario would be a perfectly clean home page with no dottted lines, no calendar button, no call history button. If I missed a call it would come up but no appoitments would show.

Then, if I flicked the screen up to show the small clock, A list of appoitments would appear, showing the next 4-5 appoitments.

That would be WONDERFUL.
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