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Re: Official ROMs for All HTC Vogue Carriers

which operating system is in the Official Upgrade Roms? I have a Verizon xv6900 i just got and have been reading about the 6.5 Windows that everyone is sporting and have been reading up on how to get this. Im somewhat a rookie at this all even though i have had many smartphones. I started with a 6700, then upgraded to the 6800 and then moved to the 6900 all for Alltel and now with the merger i had to switch and didnt hear any good stuff about thier TP or Diamond enough for me to spend 200 bucks more on those over this phone. Hopefully someone could give me some info on this. I have read some threads that seem to have it being somewhat difficult to flash the 6.5 ROM and others saying that its not that hard at all .. well any help would be terrific....