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Re: Sending Multi text messages & freezes

Originally Posted by 86shelby View Post
Have u done a hard reset since u bought it? That seems to fix some strange issues on new TP's.
Originally Posted by ott View Post
Ya I recommend a Hard Reset first, that should fix ur issues, also keep your threads to a minimum. A lot of times you get so many threads going that it really bogs down ur SMS. After a hard reset, let us know if its still not working, but i'm 99% sure u should be fine after that, and if you flash a custom rom the right way, then u wont be disappointed and wont go back!

Yea, I have done a Hard Reset. It still does it. I think that hte act that before I had this phone, I had the LG Rumor and it wouldnt freeze when I would slid it up and start typeing. I was fast on that phone and its carring over to this phone, when i go too fast it tends to start doing other things. We did have to restore my phone once when we tried the TF3D from the TP2 but that was before this problem. I try to keep it to a minimum when having several things open too. I dont do much on my phone, just check email and browse internet. My bf has played with it more than I have and he had just put Uno on it or something. lol

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