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Talking Re: Iphone on Verizon.... TODAY!?!?!?

Originally Posted by ruskiyab View Post
Ummmm... wifi?
I don't think that just saying "wifi" would explain why it is resolving through Verizon Wireless DNS servers. Even if it was a mobile broadband card FROM Verizon on wifi, it would still resolve through whatever DNS servers the wifi router was on, seeing as how it would have to be assigned an IP address through DHCP on the router.

Mifi could definitely be a reason that I had overlooked, because anything with a wireless NIC could connect to a Mifi router running on any network.

I would have originally thought that it could be just a Verizon DSL line through a wireless router, but the DNS server was "" which is specific to Verizon Wireless services.

Another thing is, If someone already had a service contract through AT&T (most likely the case with an iPhone 3G, seeing as how it was released < 2 years ago) Why would they also have a separate contract with Verizon for a mobile broadband card / mifi router.

I first started this thread because of a sudden spike in Iphone on DNS servers through the speed test site. there were over 20 of them in one day, where on the previous day, there were none. As well as speed was between 50 kb/s and 3000 kb/s, which could technically be generated by one device on mifi (difference in distance from the router etc...) but is not likely.

Also, having used wmwifirouter in the past on many WinMo devices, I think speeds of over 2Mb/s are a bit unrealistic to go to a vzw phone, be redirected out using a very weak wireless signal, and then picked up again by the iPhone's WiFi.

Just thought it would be some food for thought.

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