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Re: Can you specify what folders are monitored by the TouchFlo3D Music tab library?

Originally Posted by nFiniti View Post
Wow Nothing? I know in the registry there is a setting called "FoldersLibraryShouldIgnore" or something similar. I put in my RingerTones folder but it didn't help. I have ringtones, music and I have iNavigation sounds. It really upsets me.

***EDIT***, Ok it does work. HOWEVER.... When you update the library, everything will still be in there. You have to delete one file at a time. and you have to delete them all. I don't know why. And I don't know how to go around this. But I deleted some files and went to update library and it worked. Before It saw 427 files, now it see's 366. But all the 427 files are still there Unless I delete the others.
Can you elaborate a bit on what registry key you used?
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