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is this the Paul Hammons's Big Button Dialer from

if it is not, then i suggest you don't install it.

Paul's dialer can be made to look like that and is the only dialer for the mogul (besides stock) that doesn't break any of the original functions including:

ability to do ##functions# like ##DATA#, etc. or ##PRL#

911 calls works without delay

redial work

smartdial work

no memory leak (since it is not based on GSM dialer, most dialer out there are based on GSM phone)

Edit: based on a reply on July 27 on that freeware site, this is not Paul Hammon's dialer. Thus, I suggest that you don't install this for Mogul. Use Paul's dialer:

If you read the whole thread, you can learn how to make the themes written for the dialer you posted (including themes from xda-developer) to use on Paul's dialer, and learn a thing or two about skinning.

Edit #2: Apparently, did some more digging, and it seems that the DCD Mogul dialer that someone above talked about is based on Paul hammons dialer:

dcd's mogul dialer cab

BUT, again the original link by OP, is not based on Paul's dialer and again i would not recommend using it (look at the date of the first reply, it was way before Paul ever came out with his dialer.

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