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Re: HTC Ozone

Got mine today. I had a pretty busy day so I had to be a grown up and not spend a lot of time with it. My initial review is positive. I like the feel of the materials, weight and size. The keyboard seems solid as well.

Setup was pretty smooth. I use wireless sync which was a little tricky as they don't preinstall it. There isn't a lot of built-in customization available which was previously reported so I am looking forward to having some time to get to work on it. The phone seems pretty responsive with very little lag in program execution.

I'm coming from an XV 6900 that was fully redone and a Moto Q before that. Blackberry isn't an option for me due to my additional software needs. As far as a WinMo phone so far so good.

More to come.

By the way, with a new every two discount, the phone was free. How can you beat that?

Also use the FREEOVERNT coupon code for free next day shipping.
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